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Technical Training Lead, Novartis

Stephen Crowley

Job title
Technical Training Lead
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing
29 Years
  1. Diplomas in Training and Coaching
  2. FETAC level 8 & 9 Special purpose awards in emotional intelligence.
  3. TAC level Train the Trainer, Manual handling as well as Safety Rep Training
Favourite subjects in school
The best thing about my job
Every day is different with the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of colleagues. I’m a people person so I like engaging with people.

Obviously you need a training qualification to get established in this position. But you also need to be a good listener and have good attention to detail. You also need to be able to deal with change and have a willingness to see the best in people and their abilities.

You can have all the degrees in the world, but if you can’t communicate or connect with people, you won’t succeed in a training role.

My Main Tasks

My primary focus is to ensure the competency of all employees in executing their daily activities in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and that all training is captured and document in a compliant manner.Part of my job is to also look 13 weeks out to see what skills are required for production over that period and ensure we have colleagues with the competent skills to carry out those production requirements and where we don't, put a training plan in place to upskill and ensure that plan is executed.


Trying to persuade people that change is a constant. People generally don't like change, but in an innovative/ reactive environment like ours in order to survive as a business you need to constantly embrace change and innovate

Who Influenced Me?

Support, encouragement and colleagues highlighting strengths I wasn't aware I had. These gave me the courage to move beyond my comfort zone and seek new opportunities and challenges.

Work/Life Balance

Yes, I worked shift for 15 years which allowed me to have a different interaction with daily life, but shift does eventually take its toll so at this stage of my life and career, working a 5 day a week suits my life style and focus. Family is very important to me so it’s important to spend time with those that matter the most. Family is for life, a job for as long as you need it!

Most Useful Aspects of my Education

Education opens the door, but its experience and your ability to interact and engage with people is what I have found most useful in my career to date.

Useful Work Experience

Volunteering with a charity or local community group and interacting with people. Having an interest in how people receive and validate information helps in training delivery so get involved in college supporting colleagues or giving pro bono grinds or study support.

Top Tip!

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Always look at things from different perspectives and pause for a moment to reflect before you answer a question or react to situations!