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Choosing subjects to study in school and courses to do at third level can be tricky. Figuring out what career you want to do can be overwhelming.

Here at Smart Futures, we want to help you discover the STEM subjects and careers that might be right for you.

You have the opportunity to discover what types of STEM careers are available to you and hear from people who work in STEM related jobs.

You will see the wide range of careers available, discover the people that are working in STEM ,the organisations they’re working in and what their interests and skills are. We also have helpful tools and resources for parents, teachers and students in our Explore and Discover section.

Discover whether your interests and skills could lead you to a career in STEM here

Who we are

Smart Futures is coordinated and managed by Science Foundation Ireland, in partnership with over 200+ organisations from research and academia, as well as partners such as Engineers Ireland, BioPharma Ireland, the Royal Society of Chemistry, ICT Ireland, the Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA), the Institute of Physics, the American Chamber of Commerce and many other stakeholder groups.

This website aims to provide STEM career resources to students, teachers, guidance counsellors and parents in Ireland and stimulate an interest in STEM subjects in secondary school and at third level.

Read about Science Foundation Ireland’s research on what influences a student’s study and career choices (2014).

The Smart Futures Strategy 2014-16 sets out the aims and objectives of the programme.

The Smart Futures Evaluation and Performance report 2014-2016 can be found here.

Science Foundation Ireland is committed to engaging the Irish public in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This includes a range of activities engaging with children and families. In this context, SFI aims to create a safe, creative and fun environment where children can engage with SFI staff and SFI volunteers and where their welfare is paramount. In this context, SFI adheres to the requirements of the Children First Act 2015 (“CFA”) and the National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017 developed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and requires those who run events on its behalf to do so. SFI has appointed a Designated Liaison Person to be a first point of contact in respect of SFI’s Child Safeguarding Statement (a ‘relevant person’) in accordance with the Children First Guidance 2017 who is also the relevant person for the purposes of the CFA. If you have a query or concern about child safeguarding with regard to any of our activities, please contact our Designated Liaison Person.

The SFI Child Safeguarding Statement can be found here

CONTACT: Holly Anderson, Science Foundation Ireland, Three Park Place, Hatch St. Upper, Dublin 2. Telephone: +353 1 607 3200 childrenfirst@sfi.ie

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