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Not all #CareersInSTEM are maths-based. This is something that had originally turned Chief Pharmacist at @UPMCWhitfield, Catherine Kelly, off #STEM – now she loves her role understanding how drugs affect patients #IGetPaidToDoThis https://t.co/1HGLGtY1wr

If you are interested in learning more about apprenticeships and PLCs, make sure you check out our dedicated page with all the information that you need https://t.co/YZHRArcNyw #CareersInSTEM

What do Hagrid from Harry Potter and TCD Research Associate @collieennis have in common? Find out by visiting his Smart Futures profile https://t.co/IGmkYefGRp #IGetPaidToDoThis

There are some many different routes that can be taken when considering #CareersInSTEM. One route is research & development. Find out what it’s like from James Howard of @BDandCo #IGetPaidToDoThis https://t.co/4sPcF5MkbH

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