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Quality controllers perform tests on finished goods and materials to ensure they are up to production standards. Developing testing methods and identifying problems are also important parts of the role.

More info https://careersportal.ie/careerplanning/story.php?ID=2501204154


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ASPIRE with ABBOTT took place last week and included a host of well-known personalities and inspiring STEM advocates including Dr Niamh Shaw, Future of Work Expert Peter Cosgrove, Health and Nutrition Expert Daniel Davey and many more.

Check it out: https://aspirewithabbott.vfairs.com/en/hall

Virologists are specialists on viruses and viral infections, such as colds, flus and COVID-19. They can be both scientists and medical doctors and may study viruses that affect humans or other animals.

More info https://careersportal.ie/careerplanning/story.php?ID=2501204149


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Join Pride in STEM to celebrate the third annual LGBTQ+ STEM Day!

Today marks the 60th anniversary of American Astronomer and gay activist Frank Kameny’s US Supreme Court fight against workplace discrimination, a fight that continues today across the world.


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