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Today is #WorldNatureConservationDay & Coillte Nature the not-for-profit branch of Coillte is dedicated to the restoration, regeneration and rehabilitation of nature across Ireland. To find out more about our projects visit: https://bit.ly/331XUba #World #Nature #Conservation

Next week we celebrate the #Tyndall200 #bicentennial of our namesake John Tyndall? An extraordinary #scientist who was fascinated by the world around us. An avid mountaineer credited with discovering the greenhouse effect, which underpins the science of #climatechange

🗣Join us on 30th of July where you’ll get to hear from our #LIYSFalumni and LIYSF President @clare_elwell to ask your burning questions!

➡️ Click link to register and join us for an hour of all things #LIYSF: https://bit.ly/liysfvirtual

#LIYSFVirtual #apartbutstilltogether 🌍

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