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Choosing subjects to study in school and courses to do at third level can be tricky and figuring out what career you want to do can be overwhelming.

Here at Smart Futures, we want to help you discover the STEM subjects and careers that might be right for you. You have the opportunity to discover what types of STEM careers are available to you and hear from people who work in STEM related jobs in Ireland. You will see the wide range of careers available, discover people who are working in STEM, the organisations they’re working in and also there are resources for parents, teachers and students in our Explore and Discover section.

#ThisIsSTEM Career Talks

Over the last year we hosted our #ThisIsSTEM career talk, where we explored a new pillar of STEM each month.

We were joined by professionals in a range of #STEM careers. To begin in February, we were joined by Rahima Ahmed to discuss a career in Civil Engineering. In March we were joined by Ciaran Egan from Abbott to learn more about a career in Science. In April, we were joined by Niamh Donnelly from Akara robotics to discuss her career in tech and finally, in May we were joined by John Woods to discuss how he uses maths in his role at Informatica.

The full recordings of all of these career talks including the live questions from students are accessible below.

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Ciaran Egan works with Abbott as a Professional Development Programme Graduate working as QC Project Manager in Abbott Nutritional Division in Cootehill.

Check out our interview with him here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSycqfawpjk&list=PLwagIiYuh5RYa4kvoCJDP1mkaETlFRney&index=3&t=1411s

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Check out our #ThisIsSTEM interview with Rahima Ahmed!

She works as a BIM Technician with Punch Consulting Engineers.

Check out the video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkXa33KqtGU&list=PLwagIiYuh5RYa4kvoCJDP1mkaETlFRney&index=4&t=1s

#SmartFutures https://www.smartfutures.ie/stem_profiles/rahima-ahmed/

Lauren McKeown is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Open University in their Laboratory of Astrophysics.

Learn more about her career and the journey she took to get there!

Watch her interview here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_XuzVDaiI&list=PLwagIiYuh5RbZ1ZpGc76AIFjQv76fGXBf&index=23&t=25s

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#STEM is a diverse and constantly evolving sector. There is something for everyone from analysing biological material to furthering our understanding of human behaviour.

Read more to find out why STEM could be perfect for you!


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