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Project Manager- Construction, ABM Construction

Philip Weinmann

Job title
Project Manager-Construction
ABM Construction
25 Years
  1. BEng in Structural Engineering
  2. Masters degree in Business Administration
  3. Chartered Engineer
Favourite subjects in school
Technical Drawing
The best thing about my job
Seeing construction projects progress, particularly where project teams need to work together and overcome challenges. Getting the job completed to everyone’s satisfaction and on budget is very rewarding.

A degree in engineering is the traditional and most direct route to being a Project Manager however this position can also be attained with Diplomas related to Engineering and Construction. Furthermore, tradespersons with extensive experience and further education can also fill this role.

Maths skills are important however people skills in managing or working in teams is also necessary

My Main Tasks

I am responsible for project managing the design and construction teams to ensure a building project is compliant with Building Regulations, meets Client specifications and is delivered to the agreed time schedule and budget.


Managing the never-ending flow of information that is constantly being updated about project specifications or design features is challenging. In particular recognizing the change or update in design intent or construction activity that can cause other knock on effects! Information overload can be daunting and it is difficult to keep on top of, but a necessary part of the job. 

Who Influenced Me

I was always interested in technical subjects in school and was able to get some work experience prior in an engineering design office prior to leaving school. This experience gave me a great insight into design and construction and encouraged me to pursue a career in Structural Engineering.

Work/Life Balance

Monday to Friday can involve long working hours but most weekends are free to spend time with my family.

Most Useful Aspects of my Education

My Engineering Degree and Masters in Business Administration.

Useful Work Experience 

Experience in a Design office or a Building Contractor’s office. Ideally experience where you would be exposed to some exercises related to the studying of construction drawings, bills of quantities or construction programmes.