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Volunteer resources

Smart Futures is training people with science and technology backgrounds to give career talks to students in secondary schools around Ireland.

Volunteers come from STEM companies such as Abbott, Novartis, IBM, Google and SAP etc. across the pharma chemical, medical devices, energy and technology sector, as well as from research centres and academia.

Who do you reach?

Career talks are aimed at Junior Cycle and Transition Year students, with a view to encouraging them to keep on STEM subjects, but may also be available for Senior Cycle students.


Many students have no access to anyone working in science and technology, or may not know anyone that went to college.

Having a role model, someone to ask for some practical advice, can be hugely empowering if encouraging them to explore opportunities they might otherwise miss.

Already a volunteer?

When you have agreed a school visit, use these tips to prepare:

  • Read our volunteer resource document under 'Resources' on the right hand side of the page.
  • Ensure you contact the school to confirm visit time and any necessary equipment
  • Inform the school of any changes to the agreed visit in good time and update us at
  • Outline to the teacher what you plan to talk about 
  • Prepare and personalise your PowerPoint presentation
  • Update yourself on information relating to PLC routes, apprenticeships and the National Qualifications Framework
  • See an overview of the newest STEM-related apprenticeships here (includes: MedTech, software development and manufacturing engineering)

Volunteers with science and technology backgrounds will find lots of resources on this page (right hand column of this page), while volunteers with engineering backgrounds can also access volunteer resources with an engineering focus on

Hands-on experiments/activities

If you are visiting a school and want to carry out some simple hands-on experiments, see the below list for some ideas.

BUT remember to ensure you have checked with the teacher that this is ok and only bring safe ingredients/equipment.