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Did you know that nine of the top ten multinational technology companies in the world, including Google, Intel, Microsoft and IBM all have offices in Ireland? Did you know many of the world's top selling medicines are made here too? Not bad for a small island.

People working in STEM in Ireland are changing the face of the world we live in everyday, whether it is by making life-saving drugs and devices, researching new cures for cancer or creating new technologies that keep us healthier, safer and of course, entertain us! 

Explore and discover

Studying STEM subjects gives you a set of skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, design and communications, all of which are highly valued by many different types of employers. Why not get out and take part in STEM events around the country to get a first-hand experience for yourself?

Read about the Science Foundation Ireland research on what influences a young persons study and career choices (2014). 

 Consider a fulfilling career in STEM and make a difference to our world. 


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