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Senior Associate Scientist, Janssen Sciences Ireland

Rosselin Flynn

Job title
Senior Associate Scientist
Janssen Science Ireland
9 Years
  1. Msc Biotechnology and Honors Degree in Biochemistry
Favourite subjects in school
Biology, Chemistry, Business and German
The best thing about my job
Everyday is different and never get bored with work tasks. Some days I work in laboratory and other times I am desk based to write documents.

It is worthwhile to select a Science subject for Leaving Cert. Many employees have a Science degree which would be the minimum qualification requirement for job application. There are general Science degree courses offered by many I.T. s and Universities which allow one to specialize in the following areas; Physiology, Zoology, Ecology, Biochemistry Genetics, Chemistry or Physics etc.

Skills Required

- Hard work, patience and perseverance
- A ‘can do’ attitude and determination to find solutions!
- Willingness to listen to others
- Desire to continue learning and developing your skills

My Main Tasks

  • Design and run bioassay experiments e.g. take up 3-4 hours with different incubations times
  • Lead team of analysts to transfer methods from one site to another
  • Prepare and review documents e.g. stability protocols, validation, shelf life extension and  transfer documents
  • Troubleshoot and investigate analytical method if there is an issue/problem with results
  • Use statistical software to analyse and trend product data to ensure the product is stable and behaving as expected
  • Go to meetings with team and discuss items that require resources, escalation items and identify areas for improvement.
  • Attend training and conferences to maintain skills and upskill in new areas.


Fast Paced environment and need to learn to think on your feet. It also requires a problem-solving mind as we encounter problems all the time and need to adapt and find the solution as they arise.

Who Influenced Me

I was always interested in Science and wanted a job that was challenging but also provided flexibility in working hours

Work/Life Balance

I have permanent job, with pension and health benefits along with opportunities for progression. I am empowered to participate in voluntary exercises such as this which allows me to give back to the surrounding community. Sometimes, critical work deadlines require overtime but this is a rare occurrence. Most times, I can work flexible hours to be able to attend classes or appointments etc.

Most Useful Aspects of my Education

Msc in Biotechnology as it included a 6-month work placement in a biopharmaceutical.

Useful Work Experience

3rd year college placement as part of the Degree course in a biopharmaceutical which provides 3-6months work experience including a project/thesis for college. This will provide practical experience in the industry and develop contacts that will help with future employment opportunities

Top Tip!

Pick a college course that offers a work experience or industry placement where possible. Practical experience is worth a lot!