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Validation Engineer, Sanofi Genzyme Waterford

Patrick Bolger

Job title
Validation Engineer
Sanofi Genzyme Waterford
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Graduated May 2017
  1. BEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering WIT
Favourite subjects in school
The best thing about my job
Variety of different tasks that can be done within Validation, not assigned to one specific role. The graduate programme entails an 8 month rotational policy over 2 years, so graduates get a flavor of different departments and how they work.

A Degree in Engineering or Science discipline would be required. The graduate programme is for graduates from college so little previous experience would be required, through would be advantageous. An interest in engineering and projects would be essential, and skills in report writing, communication, time management, and if possible validation experience. 

My Main Tasks

As described in typical day section. The main tasks in validation include completion of pre-requisites for re-qualifications for equipment, execution of re-qualifications, report generation, obtaining signatures and reviewing documentation.


Can be very busy and overloaded at times - deadlines can become tight for execution of tasks. Difficult to obtain exact timeslots for execution of re-qualifications from manufacturing, tasks normally end up pushed out and extensions can be required. Some opportunities for re-qualifications to be carried out can occur nights or weekends. However the majority of the time is normal office hours. Can also be difficult to obtain peoples signatures to sign off on documents before validation works can be performed.


Who Influenced Me

Personal interest in engineering and questioning of how things worked from a young age. 


Work/Life Balance

Yes, time for time available so additional hours worked up can be taken off at a later date. Generous annual leave allowance and time flexibility. There are also opportunities to progress also available within the company to different areas and positions. 


Most Useful Aspects of my Education

Education has been helpful in the use of technical writing for reports and documents, and the theory of good manufacturing practice for regulated industry. Work experience/industrial placement for college was useful in gaining an understanding of how company’s work, communication, working practices and company culture. 


Useful Work Experience 

Work experience in the pharmaceutical industry, or medical device manufacturing would be very advantageous. This would help in learning the company practices and how to work in a regulated environment.

Top Tip! 

Always strive to do your best and go further.