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Senior Systems Verification & Validation Scientist, BD RCI

Patricia Cleary

Job title
Senior Systems Verification & Validation Scientist
Medical Device R&D
Three years
  1. Biomedical Science in NUIG
  2. PhD in Biochemistry
Favourite subjects in school
The best thing about my job
I enjoy working on new and exciting products that have not yet been used by customers.

Follow your interests because if you like science in school it is likely you will find a job in Ireland that matches your interest.

There is so much opportunity in the science industry in Ireland and it is so varied, I believe that there is a job out there for everyone.

My main tasks

Our job focuses on testing new instruments/assays (experimental tests) that will be used by hospital labs to help diagnose blood based malignancies such as cancer and HIV. My team channels the voice of the customer, who typically works in a hospital lab, to ensure we meet the high standards expected by them.


The time difference can be a challenge as we work with colleagues on the west coast of America but usually the team is very helpful and considerate when arranging meeting times.

Who influenced me

My love of cell biology has been the main driver in my career. I realised early on that no other area of work would give me the same satisfaction as science and I find it particularly inspiring at to be working on products that help in the diagnoses of patients. At the end of everything we do at BD is a patient, in the hospital, receiving a diagnosis.

Work/life balance

My personal life is very important to me. I am recently engaged and am an avid camogie player so creating a work-life balance is key to my personal happiness. BD is very flexible and supportive of my life outside of work and even though we work with colleagues in the US I never need to miss a training session in the evening!

Most useful aspects of my education

My PhD gave me a lot of skills in troubleshooting and perseverance, where I learned to look at a problem and logically go through the steps to find the source.

Useful work experience

Experience in a lab in a medical device company would be really helpful and will give you a clear idea of what to expect in this position.

Top tip 

Be open to new possibilities – I never dreamed in secondary school that I would like Biochemistry so you never know what you might like until you try!