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Validation Engineer, Pfeizer

Niamh Yates

Job title
Validation Engineer
20 years
  1. Bsc Hons in Environmental Science
  2. Msc in Biotechnology
Favourite subjects in school
The best thing about my job
Problem solving

Get experience in something that you will love so that work is a job as well as a hobby

I didn’t have the opportunity to do engineering subjects so would have liked to had that opportunity.


My main tasks

Design of equipment and processes, writing documents, testing, managing teams, managing action list and giving updates on progress


Dealing with difficult people, administration – necessary but very time consuming

Who influenced me

Knowing what I like and don’t like and what I am naturally good or not good at. Looking at new technologies and ensuring I am working with them

Work / life balance

Yes, flexible working hours, managing my own work. I take ownership of my career and job choices

Most useful aspects of my education

Masters in biotechnology but most of what I do in my job was learned on the job. I now work in engineering where a degree in chemical engineering would be more useful

Useful work experience

Anything that involves science, maths and engineering. It would not be possible to get work experience in what I do in transition year but an overview of roles in a pharmaceutical company along with a tour would be useful

Top Tip

Know what you like and dislike, and what you are good at and not so good at so you study or do an apprenticeship in something that you will love so that work is a job as well as a hobby. Choose a more general degree eg science or engineering where you do a lot of subjects in first year then specialize. If you don’t get the course you want you can still do a similar one as the fundamentals are the same