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Site Training & Learning Head, Novartis Ireland Ltd

Mark Meehan

Job title
Site Training & Learning Head
Novartis Ireland Ltd.
24 years
  1. Honours Degree in Management & Economics
  2. Dip in Psychology
Favourite subjects in school
Any subject that allowed me to learn about people
The best thing about my job

In pharmaceuticals you need to understand the business and then you can consider branching out into other roles  - one will aid your ability to do the other greatly!

In school I enjoyed any subject that allowed me to learn about people.

My main tasks

Ensuring effective communication with leadership regarding progress, achievements, gaps, new learning needs, and recommendations to mitigate risks and ensure learning impact, define and implement the strategy, maintain and support global standards for excellence in learning


Management of a training process in a busy environment (how to find the time to upskills people when the production plan shows no time!)

Who influenced me

A leader in a previous job believed in me and I gained confidence from this to aspire to grow and to seek opportunities, all the while staying true to myself.

Work/life balance

Yes – fully.

Most useful aspects of my education

Business tools that allow you to measure progress and maintaining a creative mind by seeking to learn and connect with people.

Useful work experience

Working in teams, understanding team dynamics, working in a manufacturing environment to understand the challenges that people will have day to day.

Top tip

Learn every day and always find time to listen – do not be afraid to be brave and promote those around you!