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Global Training Lead for a Sales Team, Google

Kate Smith

Job title
Global Training Lead for a Sales Team
Online Advertising
  1. BA in French and Philosophy
Favourite subjects in school
The best thing about my job
I'm passionate about education and helping people, so I love developing trainings that help people do their jobs better - making their lives easier! I also love the creative process of planning, creating and launching a new training.

If you're interested in a job like mine, you need to be creative but also very structured and organised - in order to communicate a clear message through the trainings you produce. But I didn't leave college 5 years ago knowing what I was going to do. My career has evolved, and continues to evolve, over time - and I bring parts of all my previous roles to what I do today.

My Main Tasks

I am responsible for developing trainings that support new hires joining our team - helping them understand our business and the job they'll be doing. I also develop trainings for those who have been in the team for a long time - so that they can stay on top of changes happening in the industry and continue to develop themselves. In terms of skills, my job requires: organisation, planning, structure, creativity, passion, ability to teach others, problem solving.


It's always a challenge to make sure we're giving people just enough information, but not too much, when providing them with a training. It's like writing an email - writing a concise email is harder and often takes longer than writing a rambling one!

Who Influenced Me

I've always believed that if you're doing something you love, the success part will take care of itself. I applied this principle in both school and college - studying a random range of subjects in school (accounting, French, biology), and then philosophy and French in college.

Work/Life Balance

Yes definitely. I work 9 to 6 and make sure to have lots of personal activities set up in the evenings - meeting friends, learning to play an instrument, relaxing with a book or a series, etc. My career affords me the opportunity to do nice things outside of work, for which I'm very grateful. Working at a large company has also enabled me to work on lots of interesting projects and with different teams - as well as giving me the opportunity to move into a completely different career, from customer support to full-time training.

Most Useful Aspects of my Education

Studying philosophy at college greatly developed my ability to think critically, to always ask questions when something doesn't make sense, and to solve problems. This questioning, problem solving mindset helps me ensure that everything we include in our training programs makes sense to a learning audience.

Useful Work Experience 

I worked with an experienced training designer (also called 'Instructional Designer') for 6 months - this really helped me develop the skills I still apply today.

Top Tips!

Nothing is perfect. Follow your gut - it tends to have your back!