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Senior Software Developer, Fexco Corporate Payments

Helen Griffin

Job title
Senior Software Developer
Fexco Corporate Payments
Financial Services
13 Years
  1. FAS Electronics Course (FAS)
  2. Certificate in Science in Computer Systems (IT Tralee)
  3. Diploma in Science in Computer Systems (IT Tralee)
  4. B.Sc. (Hons) in Computing in Software Development (IT Tralee)
Favourite subjects in school
Biology & Maths
The best thing about my job

Having an interest in science based-subjects is great to have but other personal traits are also essential; such as being a logical, structured thinker and being able to think outside the box. Attention to detail and problem solving is key. Self-discipline and self-motivation are also a must.

My Main Tasks

My main role is as a .NET developer. I mainly develop in C# and SQL.Handling multiple tasks is part of the job: developing new features and fixing bugs as they come in. The ability to reuse existing code and to refactor code is essential. Also the ability to integrate with 3rd party software and systems is very important. When you are in the IT field, multi-tasking is a must.13 years’ experience in Net development gives me sound technical knowledge. I like having the ability to solve problems, learn new technologies, find solutions to problems, and to be efficient and creative.Being a decent team player and having good interpersonal skills are important for the work I do.


90% of my job is accomplished behind a computer screen, so it can be solitary. You also need a lot of self-discipline to keep motivated to get the work done, especially when working from home.I have to be able to quickly respond to the changes and modifications of the applications. I also have to do quite a bit of research and development work on 3rd party solutions to make sure they integrate into our applications.

Who Influenced Me

I didn’t come to Software development directly after secondary school. I initially studied Business Studies for a year and went into the work force for 4 years. With age came a better knowledge of myself and what I was interested in. At that point I decided to study Software Development full time. My course had a great work placement module in the final year which put me with a company that helped me start off on my current career path. 

Work/ Life Balance

Definitely: working in software development can be quite flexible because the majority of the job is accomplished behind a computer screen, and that gives me the option of working from home 2 days a week.I have a young family so time with family and friends is essential.FEXCO make a vast array of courses and workshops available to further learning and development which is also very handy.


Most Useful Aspects of my Education 

My degree gave me a foundation in java programming language and object oriented programming which translates easily to .NET programming.Plus I had the great benefit of work placement offered through my degree which allowed me to work in a startup company and to train and work as a .NET developer. 


Useful Work Experience​

Work placements/internships are a great introduction into development. Volunteer, find an organization you might be interested in and ask if they need IT help. Teach yourself. Get a computer; download software trials and free development kits and IDEs, so you can learn how they work. 

Top Tip!​

Developers are noted for being workaholics, which isn’t healthy. Find a good work/life balance that includes time away from the computer, with friends and family, and proper amounts of rest. Tired developers make mistakes.