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Pharmaceuticals Production Manager, Recordati Ireland ltd.

Davide Botta

Job title
Production Manager
Recordati Ireland Ltd
Pharmaceutical – API manufacturing
15 Years
  1. GMP Training
  2. Validation and IQ/OQ Training
  3. ATEX Training
Favourite subjects in school
Enviromental Engineering
The best thing about my job
I really enjoy the interaction with other Departments such as International Sales, Supply Chain and Quality to ensure product availability to customers

Someone who has the ability to take initiative so to be able to work independently on his/her own but also able to be a good team player is important in any job.

My Main Tasks

My main tasks include managing production, maintenance and procurement teams; overseeing production output and availability of product for customers’ orders; organizing production schedule and purchases of all raw materials.


My main challenge would be the short time available for process troubleshooting.

Who Influenced Me

My site managers who i met during first years of my career were the biggest influence on my career now.

Work/Life Balance

Yes i would say i have a good work life balance , however it can be quite easy to be excessively absorbed even during time offer.

Most Useful Aspect of my Eduation

 Studying any Scientific subjects really helped it gave me a good basis for my job today.

Useful Work Experience

Try get some engineering work experience in designing/commissioning plants in your local area.

Top Tip!

Don’t be afraid of believing in your ideas and understanding of problems despite other around having different and/or stronger opinions