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Career Story: Live QA Analyst, EA Games

Shane Carr

Job title
Live QA Analyst
EA Games
Video gaming
One year
  1. Physics at Trinity College
  2. Ph.D. in Material Science at the University of Limerick
Favourite subjects in school
Physics, Geography, and Business Studies were the main favourites
The best thing about my job
I love working with a varied team of engaged individuals, who are dedicated to their jobs but also are vibrantly passionate about their own interests.

Learn to break tasks down, and to keep track of what needs to be done and what still needs to be done. 

Going to others for help isn’t a sign of being bad at one’s job, but is part of how you learn to master your role and contribute to a greater whole.

My main tasks 

Testing all elements of a games live release; the gameplay, the achievements, the unlocks, the companion apps, the in-game transactions and much more. I also have produce reports on all of these tests, to keep others in the company informed of what issues have been resolved and which need more testing or the attention of another team.

It’s a job that requires patience, an eye for detail, and the ability to remain organized and aware of what needs to be done.

What I like 

I really enjoy working with a varied team of engaged individuals, who are dedicated to their jobs but also are vibrantly passionate about their own interests. This creates a relatable working environment where the group can work together on tasks while developing a strong rapport and remain flexible and varied enough to take on any type of task.


Unpredictable tasks can sometimes be confusing and leave one uncertain of what to do or who to turn to. The emphasis on reporting and reliance on other groups in the company can be tedious and sometimes leave you waiting for needed feedback. The schedule is variable, meaning one can be very busy some days and feeling idle on others.

What influenced me 

The search for a position that is truly engaging to me, combined with a work environment which is welcoming and varied.

Work/ life balance 

Work can keep me busy sometimes, but with a wonderful group of co-workers, it adds significantly to my social life and enriches my lifestyle.

Most useful aspects of my education

The mindset of problem-solving, of all issues having a cause and a solution, and the experience of working with a wide group of people, each member of a team giving their own experiences and skills to help with a task.

Useful work experience 

While a game company might be the best, any type of computer-based industries, which use software or hardware a lot, would help. You want experience in the pipeline of a technical company, and how all the different elements join together, rather than simply experience in the final product.

Look for a position which lets you see many different parts of technical processes, in a team where everyone does something slightly different, and each day might be a very different experience. 

Shane, was recruited into this role by Specialisterne Ireland, which assesses, coaches, places and supports young people with autism in employment. Read more at