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Career Story: Product Support Engineer , SAP

Nick Rankin

Job title
Product Support Engineer
Five years
  1. BSc Hons Computer Science DIT (Achieved 2:1)
Favourite subjects in school
I didn’t have any subjects that interested me when I sat the Leaving Cert as there were no IT-related subjects
The best thing about my job
The team I work with are great!

The team I work with are great, I really enjoy being a part of this team.

Product support is not a technical role, if you like computers, you might like this role! 

My main tasks 

Solving customer issues, problem solving and troubleshooting complex business software (SAP NetWeaver Portal, also known as SAP Enterprise Portal).

What I like

The team that I work with are great, I really enjoy being a part of this team. I also like the social aspect. There are also some interesting problems to solve most days.

Helping customers and colleagues is also something that I really enjoy.


I don’t find the job itself challenging. I don’t like Admin/corporate jargon etc.

Who influenced me 

My family, friends and Specialisterne really helped me to succeed. 

Work/ life balance 

Shift work is part of the job. It can be a challenge. There can be good work-life balance here. It is not a bad place to work at all, you are encouraged to have good work-life balance

Most Useful aspects of my education

College was a great time for me. During my college years I met great lifelong friends. I learnt about IT in a different way to what I had experienced prior doing odd jobs for friends and family. I also learnt IT wasn’t a subject I would continuously enjoy every single day. That is, there were ups, and there were downs. I managed to graduate with my honours degree in Computer Science in 2011. I have been working full time since 2014 thanks to Specialisterne.

Patrick, was recruited into this role by Specialisterne Ireland, which assesses, coaches, places and supports young people with autism in employment. Read more at