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Career Story: Audit Assistant, KPMG

Éanna Tiernan

Job title
Audit Assistant
Accountancy, Audit
Two and half years
  1. Degree in Engineering from UCD
  2. Masters in Energy Engineering from UCD
  3. Currently becoming an accountant
Favourite subjects in school
Construction, maths and accounting were my favourite.
The best thing about my job
I like getting open access to financial information and getting to see various businesses.

If you have an interest in business or becoming an entrepreneur and have a flair for maths and technology, the opportunities are limitless!!

I’d advise people to pursue a career in whatever they have an interest in. Engineering just didn’t work out for me personally but it gave me a great foundation

My main tasks

I do audit testing on financial information of many companies and I  complete accounts for tax calculations.

What I like

Getting open access to financial information and seeing various business’ can be very interesting. 


Getting information off clients can be difficult at times. 

Who influenced me 

My family and the accountant in my old job as an engineer really inspired me to go into the accounting field. 

Work/ life balance 

The cost of living in Dublin is quite high at the moment, which is not really ideal but I am hopeful that in a couple of years, I’ll be financially more comfortable. It is great to work in a place where there is a whole team of similar aged people. Work may be tough some days but as long as there is fun in the office it makes more enjoyable. 

Most useful aspect of my education

The thinking process you develop in engineering makes you sceptical of how certain things are achieved and does everything actually make sense.

I’ve worked as an engineer where I was involved in planning wind energy projects and environmental projects. This gave me a great foundation in both technical skills and softer skills such as meeting clients from a various backgrounds.

I also worked as a process engineer in a gelbone factory, the first of its kind in the Ireland and the UK. I was involved in commissioning and running of the facility over a 12 month period.

Useful work experience

Try to work in a variety of companies (big and small) in different sectors. Join an accounting firm to see if you have a real interest in joining.