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Working in Technology

There are so many different careers within the technology sector, from software development, to cybersecurity, medical devices to gaming and robotics. A world of opportunity awaits for people with creativity and problem-solving skills, who love to travel and work with great people. 

A huge range of roles that require technical skills also exist within non-technology sectors from marketing and sales, education, entertainment, to banking and even retail. 

In the past five years, 25,000 new jobs have been announced by the tech sector in Ireland. With almost two thousand additional graduates required by the sector every year from 2018, there are massive opportunities for students who pursue relevant third level courses.

- Paul Sweetman, Director of ICT Ireland and the ISA

Get involved in Technology

If you are interested in learning more about coding why not try out one of the free Coder Dojo clubs all over the country? 

Also make sure to check out Syndic8, a non-profit organisation whose goal is to introduce students from secondary schools across the country to the world of Technology and Engineering.In their programme the students will design and manufacture a Drone, F1 model car, or RC rally car to design, present, write a portfolio on and of course race.




Over the past decade, Ireland has grown into a global technology hub. We are now home to 9 of the top 10 global software companies, 9 of the top 10 US technology companies and all of the top 10 born on the internet companies.  

Ireland is rapidly becoming a global leader in technology and the HEA has incentivised the state Higher Education Institutions to provide additional places in their computing courses across the country, to help increase the number of full-time undergraduate places on ICT courses at Level 8. You can view information on these courses here - all of which have direct relevance to current and future jobs in Ireland, and will provide graduates with the skills needed to develop their careers. 

Higher Education Institutions all over Ireland are enrolling for Level 8 courses in the areas of Computing, Science, Information Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students not applying through the CAO process, can consider an offer through Springboard+ which offers over 2,700 free ICT course places, with part-time and full-time options available.