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Working in Science

Did you know that Ireland currently ranks number one in the world in nanosciences? Number two in immunology, and computer sciences? 

Ireland's science-related industries are thriving. We are one of the largest exporters of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the world and have 12 SFI-funded research centres creating cutting-edge discoveries in areas such neonatal research, photonics, geosciences and big data. Over 6,500 people work in the plastics sector in approximately 180 companies. 

Thanks to the power of science we can improve our health and wellbeing, explore new worlds, and make our world a better place. The only limits are those we imagine!

Get involved in Science

On this website you can read lots of examples of science-related career stories and videos to give you a better idea about what scientists do, what they study and where they can be found working. Check out the information on new STEM-related apprenticeships.