Are you interested in inspiring the next generation? Do you have a background in STEM? 

Smart Futures needs industry volunteers to give young people a real life feel for what it is like to work in a STEM organisation. We offer training to ensure that all volunteers feel fully equipped to give talks and advice to secondary school students.

If you sign up to become a volunteer, you will be able to represent Smart Futures at events such as Higher Options, SciFest, career evenings and subject choice nights in local secondary schools. It’s a great way to encourage students to pursue a career in STEM and also act as a role model for them.

Career talks are aimed at secondary school students – primarily Junior Cycle and Transition Year to encourage them to keep on STEM subjects- but they can also be delivered to senior cycle students. You role will be to inspire the listeners and show them the world of opportunities available to them if they work in STEM.

It’s easy- simply get in touch through our contact page and let us know you’re interested.

We run volunteer training days once we have a group of people interested. You will learn more about Smart Futures, tips on how to present to a class, and best practice guidelines for your visits. This all only takes a couple of hours!

When you have agreed a school visit, use these tips to prepare:

  • Ensure you contact the school to confirm visit time and any necessary equipment
  • Inform the school of any changes to the agreed visit in good time and update us at smartfutures@sfi.ie
  • Outline to the teacher what you plan to talk about and if you plan to carry out an experiment.
  • Prepare and personalise your PowerPoint presentation
  • Update yourself on information relating to PLC routes, apprenticeships and the National Qualifications Framework
  • See an overview of the newest STEM-related apprenticeships here (includes: MedTech, software development and manufacturing engineering)

Volunteers with science and technology backgrounds will find lots of resources on this page while volunteers with engineering backgrounds can also access volunteer resources with an engineering focus on STEPS.ie.

There are! We have a page dedicated to companies who run STEM initiatives across the country.

If you’re impressed with our careers page and want to submit your profile, please get in touch through our contact page.

School activities

If you don’t want to volunteer by yourself, there are a number of groups who run school activities throughout the year. They visit schools and help to get students involved in STEM using hands-on, engageing activities. If you would like to get involved with any of these groups, please visit our School Activities page to find out more. 

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