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Tanmay Patil
Tanmay Patil has been working as a Supply Chain Analyst in WAZP since July 2019. As part of his job, he is responsible for identifying what the requirements are to make a product from start to finish.
Job title
Supply Chain Analyst

My name is Tanmay Patil and I’ve been working as a Supply Chain Analyst in WAZP since July 2019, and I have a Masters in Supply Chain Management. WAZP is a digital supply-chain company specialised in additive manufacturing, commonly called ‘3D printing.’ Supply chain as the name suggests is the chain of activities performed to make a product. As part of my job, I am responsible for identifying what the requirements are to make a product from start to finish. Once the design phase of the product is complete I then select where it will be made and source the material required to make it.

I am from India, so I completed my secondary education in India. During that time my hobbies were playing Cricket and playing video games, but once I started college I gained more of an interest in cultural activities such as theatre and writing. I was very attracted to films, which, turns out to still be a huge hobby of mine today. I have a keen interest in how the script of films are developed as-well as how a movie was directed. I feel that movies are a way of reading a book in two hours as many movies are adaptions of novels, with a different method of delivery and way to enjoy it.


What do you love about your current role?

In my current role, I get to take the concepts I have learned in my education and apply them practically, to real world scenarios. I also get to continue learning and exploring new technologies like 3D printing, and I love that this job gives me the opportunity to understand and work at a global level.


What has been your most exciting career moment to date?

The most exciting career moment for me was when I received the job offer from WAZP. I had the job offer in hand before my course finished. It was very unexpected but a very exciting way to complete my education knowing my career was about to start with a great company.


Do you get to work with any new technologies?

During my education and especially in recent years I have heard a lot of buzz around 3D printing technology. My current role has given me a great opportunity to work with 3D printing technology. With 3D printing we are able to reduce waste during the process of creating products and reuse what is left for printing the next product. WAZP has a no waste culture in producing their customer’s products so it is exciting to be part of a sustainable business.


Do you ever get to travel abroad for work ?

Yes, I got an opportunity to travel to Frankfurt, Germany to attend Formnext – an international exhibition and conference for 3D printing. It was a great experience for me as I got to understand the latest developments in 3D printing and become familiar with the companies which have entered into the 3D printing technology industry.


 What kind of other experts do you work with on a day to day basis?

In my current daily role I get an opportunity to work with Designers, Product Engineers, Marketing and Sales personnel which allows me to get an overview of all business functions.


If a young person told you that they would like to get into your role, what advice would you give them?

I would encourage the person to get a proper education in understanding the Supply Chain field, beginning with STEM which is applicable in all products. Further higher education and specialization in Supply Chain will allow them to become eligible for this role. If it is something you want to do, then keep working towards it and you will achieve it.


Do you feel secure in the fact that you can earn a living from a career in Stem?

Yes, I am secure that I earn a living from a career in STEM. It is a career which is very stable in Ireland at the moment and it looks set to continue to grow over the coming years, as everything revolves around the principles and theories of STEM.


Name one thing on your bucket list.

Sky Diving is one of the top things on my bucket list.


What television series are you currently watching?

I am currently watching Kingdom on Netflix. It is a Korean series based on Zombies, and it is a great show.


What living person do you most admire, and why?

I admire Mr. Sachin Tendulkar – One of the greatest players in the game of Cricket. He is not only a great sportsman but also a great human being. His dedication and discipline towards the sport was something which inspired me a lot while growing up. He also shows while being at the peak of success how to stay grounded and humble.




Everything revolves around the principles and theories of STEM