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Demystifying STEM
STEM is a diverse and constantly evolving sector. There is something for everyone in STEM from analysing biological material to furthering our understanding of human behaviour. STEM also benefits from a diverse group of people participating in research. Read more to find out why STEM could be perfect for you!

What is STEM?

STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and refers to the vast variety of subjects that fall under these disciplines.

STEM is an integral part of the Irish economy and is a growing area that is set to be a fundamental part of Ireland’s future success as a country. STEM also provides some of the most exciting, diverse, and fulfilling careers available. STEM skills are now crucial to the modern world and are vital to Ireland’s innovative capability and global competitiveness.

Who is STEM for?

STEM is for everyone. As there are such a wide range of career opportunities in STEM, there is something that could suit your strengths and your interests. Like any industry, STEM greatly benefits from diversity and in recent years people perusing STEM careers have become more diverse. Diversity is critical to excellence. Contrary to some people’s perception of STEM industries it is teams, not individuals, that conduct the most research. No matter what background you originate from, your opinion will always be valuable as enhancing diversity is key to long-term economic growth and global competitiveness. You should never be discouraged from perusing any career based off any preconceived idea of what someone in that field should look or think like, this is extremely relevant for those interested in the wide selection of careers in STEM.

Why should I pursue a career in STEM?

There are a multitude of reasons to get involved with a career in STEM. One of the major attractions to these industry’s is the opportunity to be living and working on the cutting edge. STEM professionals across the four disciplines have been paving the way for future human development through the many breakthroughs and inventions from building the Hubble Telescope to peek into the universe to creating the internet. They continually push our understanding of diseases and new medical treatments. Due to the in-demand nature of many of the careers within STEM, there is stronger job security. These skills are also transferrable and applicable to many fields outside of the STEM industry such as problem-solving and analytical thinking. There is truly something for everyone within STEM.

If you want to hear more about STEM careers and speak with STEM professionals working in Ireland be sure to tune into the #ThisIsSTEM webinar series. Details can be found on