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#MarineBiology was not something I knew I wanted to do from a young age, in fact I only realised my passion for it a few years ago, and ever since my first taste I can't get enough of it!! Now, I can't believe #IGetPaidToDoThis 😍 @scienceirel #StudySTEM


Great new initiative from @scienceirel funded #SmartFutures - launching a national @SmartFuturesIE campaign #IGetPaidToDoThis to inspire the next generation of researchers
Heres how our Donagh Berry got into #STEM

PhD student @TCD_NatSci @MoDubs11 talks about parasites and @FameLab_Ireland in this @IrishTimes piece

Talking science: Famelab and 180 seconds of fame via @IrishTimes

Anyone looking for information on #StemCareers check out @SmartFuturesIE site - it has something for teachers, volunteers, parents and students! Loads of examples on the variety of options out there #IGetPaidToDoThis

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