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Our Latest News & Events

There are lots of really exciting and engaging STEM related events that take place during the year. Browse the list below and see if you can attend any of them!

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Part 6 of @SciGalleryDub Eight Easy Pieces, "The Chemistry Behind Colours", discusses Toxic pigments, medieval blues and why the Victorians loved lead face paint #ThisisSTEM

The last part of @SciGalleryDub Eight Easy Pieces series discusses Gender, race and robots. Beulah, shares her short talk on bias and AI. Check it out here! #ThisisSTEM

Living paintings, victimless leather and explosions at Science Gallery Dublin, it's all discussed in part five, "What is Bio Art?" of the @SciGalleryDub Eight Easy Pieces series! #ThisisSTEM

Part 4 of @SciGalleryDub Eight Easy Pieces series is from mediator Bianca, sharing her short talk on the common traits shared by experimental poetry and lab science #ThisisSTEM

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