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Too many students miss opportunities in the science, engineering or the tech sector because they have no idea what kind of work people in this area do, or don't see beyond negative stereotypes.

What can you do?

CHALLENGE misconceptions about careers in STEM. Stereotypes can prevent students from seeing that there’s something for everyone in the STEM sector. If you are teaching girls, ensure you give them access to female roles models and support their interests.

HELP your students to open their eyes to the vast choice of exciting career paths and opportunities in the STEM sector. 

ENCOURAGE students to explore these opportunities so they can make informed choices for their future and let them know about events and activities they can get invovled in.

Be the spark that ignites their passion for STEM!

STEM festivals and events
Teaching Resources

Science Week classroom activities 

SFI Research Centre: SSPC Chemistry video series for teachers 

Royal Society of Chemistry resources 

Google CS First -  online computer science clubs for students and teachers 

IBM ‘Teachers TryScience’ 150+ free online lesson plans  

The Digital Youth Council

WeUseMaths - an Irish website that links maths careers to the curriculum 

Careers Resources

Questions about Garda Vetting? As per the legislation, as outlined in the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act, our volunteers are unpaid, one-off guest speakers and always stay in the supervision of a teacher. In accordance with the Act, they do not require vetting. More information can be found on the FAQ, (point 12, page 8).

Be sure to encourage students to explore the different STEM career paths mapped here - from biotechnology to data analyst, to electronic engineering and much, much more!

Why not encourage your students to watch the new science-comedy quiz show on RTE called Eureka! or the brilliant RTE show 'Insiders' made espedically for teens, where young presenters investigate some really exciting, cutting-edge science and technology!