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Working with Maths

Men and women with backgrounds in maths and applied maths are in high demand across many different kinds of industries, from cybersecurity to financial services, genetics to data analytics.  

On this website you can read lots of examples of maths-related career stories and watch videos to give you a better idea about what people with backgrounds in maths do, what they study and where they can be found working.

The power of mathematics is often to change one thing into another, to change geometry into language.

- Marcus du Sautoy

Check out the full YouTube series on working with Maths here and explore our maths-related career paths here.

How do I get involved?

There lots of ways to embrace maths and put it into action.

  • Why not try out coding at one of the free Coder Dojo clubs all over the country? 
  • Check out Maths Week which takes place in October every year, with events all over the country
  • Join the MATHletes Challenge tournament 
  • Take part in the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad, where students must use their ingenuity to solve puzzles such as deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics, spy codes, and ancient Mayan poetry.
  • Enter the Apps4Gaps all-Ireland competition aimed at encouraging young people to provide concepts and create applications utilising freely available Open Data​